Port development

Port of Stavanger has 750 acres of port area spread over three port facilities.
The areas are connected to over 5,300 meters of quay.
Here there are several opportunities for maritime activities, both new establishments and expansions.
Around 240 targets can be further developed today and a further 255 targets are regulated for future port development.


Offshore base for large and smaller businesses. Located in Høgsfjorden in Forsand municipality. Fossanhagen Næringspark is in an industrial area of over 205,000 square meters. There is a short distance to the Stavanger region’s base areas for offshore activities and to the land-based business in the region. The business area has good accessibility from sea and land.

  • Activity: Offshore – aquaculture
  • Area: 35 acres
  • Buildings: Industry – storage – offices
  • Quay-length: 79 m
  • Quay-depth: ca 7 m
  • Port facilities: Water – electricity – crane
  • Diagrams of port layout: No
  • Book mooring slot/area: (+47) 51 50 12 01 / email


Quay area primarily suitable for laid-up ships. Quiet waters and possibility of electricity. Not ISPS but fenced area. Possibility of storage up to 9 acres.

The “coal import quay” as it is referred to locally is of an earlier date with the reservations this implies. The possibility is many and we have had vessels up to 130m here recently. Great for barges.

  • Activity: Laid-up ships
  • Area: 9 acres
  • Buildings: No
  • Quay-length: Main quay 85 m
  • Quay-depth: From 5,5 m to 8,5 m
  • Port facilities: Water – possibilities for electric power
  • Diagrams of port layout: No
  • Book mooring slot/area: (+47) 51 50 12 01 / epost


  • Mooring and casting off
  • Hire of professional help (hourly rate)
  • Hire of mobile crane, including certified operator
  • Hire of forklift (not including driver)
  • Water supply (per tonne)
  • Connection to/disconnection from water supply
  • Electricity (kwh)
  • Housing rigg
  • Fullstendig prisliste


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