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The terminal in Mekjarvik is a well-established port area for heavier industry and suitable for vessels that require longer lay-off times. Up to 20m depth and close to 500m dock, there are many possibilities.

This is an area that is becoming even more central with new road network northwards and the establishment of new docks and area is already under way.

  • Activities: Deepwater- and offshore
  • Area: 85 acres
  • Buildings: Industry – wearhouse – office
  • Quay-length: 146 m + 349 m
  • Quay-depth: 15 and 20 m
  • Port facilities: Water – power  – crane – roro ramp – 200 t bollards – LNG filling
  • Diagrams of port layout: Yes, see diagrams of port layouts
  • Book mooring slot/area: (+47) 51 50 12 01 / email


  • Mooring and casting off
  • Hire of professional help (hourly rate)
  • Hire of 50 tonne rail-mounted dockside crane, including certified operator (Mekjarvik)
  • Water supply (per tonne)
  • Connection to/disconnection from water supply
  • Electricity (kWh)
  • Complete list of prices

Diagrams of port layouts

Sketch details Stavanger harbour - Mekjarvik overview map-sections
  • Sketch 02N
  • Sketch 01N

Deepwater and Offshore Terminal Mekjarvik


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