Port of Stavanger – Environmental Plan (2016-2017)

Main objective
The Port of Stavanger aims to offer efficient, competitive and environmentally sustainable services.
We aim to be fully aware of our impact on the environment, and this awareness shall form the basis of our management’s policy strategies.
We aim to limit our impact on climate change, and reduce resource consumption and our impact on the local environment.
We shall facilitate efficient and environmentally sustainable services at all our port facilities.
We shall disseminate and adhere to our environmental plan, both in-house and externally.

Target areas Actions/resources
Environmental initiatives Adapt the environmental plan/policies to owner municipality needs
Competitiveness, efficiency and improved environmental profiling/facilitation
Participation in the GreenPort information resource, etc.
Preventive maintenance and improvement work
Energy Assess energy consumption
Report on energy-saving initiatives
Apply for funding from Enova (green subsidies)
Put in place energy-saving initiatives at port facilities
Greenhouse gas emissions Focus on environmentally sound alternatives during procurement processes
Offer discounts to vessels installed with green technology
Vessel AMP/OPS Evaluate alternatives
Issue invitations to tender for AMP/OPS for offshore vessels
Noise Effective follow-up
Carry out measurements
Strategic noise surveys
Waste Waste management plan
Increased levels of recycling
Effective signposting and functional waste disposal stations
Emergency response Carry our regular emergency response exercises
Procurement Obtain awareness as to how procurement policies can affect our environmental footprint

Download Environmental plan 2016-2017 (pdf in norwegian).


The ports in the Stavanger region experience intense levels of activity involving both public and private sector port departments and mooring facilities. Noise reduction is a key part of the work being carried out at the various port facilities, and initiatives are continually under review. If you are inconvenienced by noise linked to work taking place at one of our port facilities, please contact us at tel. +47 51 50 12 01.

Subsidiary Report: Strategic Noise Mapping Assessment 2011 (pdf in Norwegian)

Noise Zone Map 1-7 (pdf in Norwegian)


The following facilities have status as ISPS terminals: Mekjarvik, Vågen, Bekhuskaien, Siriskjær, Sola Havn (Risavika Øst) and the international terminal at Risavika. ISPS is a global classification system aimed at safeguarding security for vessels and ports worldwide. All those intending to enter an ISPS terminal must present an approved entry card and wear high-visibility clothing. Terminal operators must ensure security clearance of their clients and visitors.

Enquiries about port security:

Contact security manager Arvid B. Nygaard at tel. 916 43 080 / 51 50 12 01 or at abn@stavanger.havn.no.

Are you intending to deliver goods or equipment to vessels moored at one of the ISPS facilities?

Contact our Maritime Service Centre at +47 51 50 12 01 or send an email to havneoppsyn@stavanger.havn.no.

Application for ID card or vehicle permit:

Contact Security Coordinator Steffen Mikalsen at +47 51 50 12 19 or security@stavanger.havn.no

Security service charge

Vessels that make use of ISPS-certified mooring facilities must pay a charge of 30% of the stated mooring fee.


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