The harbor in Stavanger is a suitable place for both smal and large vessels as a waiting queue as it is quiet, with it’s sheltered and calm harbor conditions. It is one of the few cruiseship ports in the world that offer that close proximity to the city center, and on good facilities for offshore vessels all year round. In addition, fast-paced traffic and local ferry connections will be liquidate through this harbor.

  • Activity: Cruise and waiting terminal
  • Buildings: Industry – wearhouse – office
  • Quay-length: ISPS: cruise and offshore 904 m – only offshore 291 m – 1195 m all together
  • Port facilities: Water – power – roro ramp – up to 200 ton bollards
  • Diagrams of port layout: Yes, see diagrams of port layouts
  • Book mooring slot/area: (+47) 51 50 12 01 / email


  • Mooring and casting off
  • Hire of professional help (hourly rate)
  • Hire of forklift (not including driver)
  • Water supply (per tonne)
  • Connection to/disconnection from water supply
  • Electricity (kWh)
  • Complete list of prices

Diagrams of port layout

Sketch details Stavanger harbour - Vågen overview map-sections
  • Chart O21V
  • Chart O18V
  • Chart O16V
  • Chart O04V - O13V
  • Chart O01V - O04V
  • Chart O08Ø
  • Chart O20Ø - O21Ø


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